Filter Indoor CarCapsule/BikeCapsule


What’s Included: Single Indoor Filter

Overall Size: 9” Diameter Washable Filter

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Say goodbye to nasty germs and unpleasant smells with a replacement filter for your indoor CarCapsule/BikeCap unit. Fresher air is just one click away with these top-rated filters that are also washable!

  • Washable
  • High quality
  • Clean inlets
  • Long-lasting

The low 9” diameter makes this great for throwing in the trunk of a car, or rooftop storage. And don’t worry about replacing your capsule when you change your panel – we’ve already taken care of it for you! Remember, no matter where you drive (or bike!) the first few minutes feel best filtered in clean air.

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Filter Indoor CarCapsule/BikeCapsule

Availability: In stock

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