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Great for wrapping or simple maintenance, Portable Pit Stop Ramps elevate vehicles for better body height and safer underbody access. They’re light enough to bring with you to the track, keep on hand in your personal garage, or simply leave out in your workshop for everyday use.

The multi-piece design is easy to assemble with pieces that weigh no more than 18.14 kg / 40 pounds; and once a car is positioned on top, the center pieces and inclines can be removed for even better accessibility under the car and around the perimeter. The ramp platform provides 35.56 cm / 14 inches of lift and can accommodate a wheel base of 228.6 cm / 90″ to 292.1 cm / 115″ and tires up to 35.56 cm / 14 inches wide. Each incline has a 10-degree approach angle. The entire ramp system can support up to 2,721.55 kg / 6,000 pounds. An additional set of inclines is available if you wish to have ramps at both ends.

These ramp platforms are manufactured using an exclusive, patented process. They are constructed of 100% solid, high-density foam with a rugged anti-slip coating that results in a lightweight ramp solution that is strong, yet durable. They won’t slide on any surface, including garage and workshop floors.

  • Lift vehicle 35.56 cm / 14″ for easy maintenance and spectacular display
  • 228.6 cm / 90″ to 292.1 cm / 115″ adjustable wheelbase
  • Modular design is easy to transport and store
Please ensure that your ramp is damage-free before use. Never use two ramps on the same side of the vehicle. Use on a flat, level surface and ensure that the ramp makes full contact with the ground. Check that your steering wheel is straight and drive up at a slow, steady pace.


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