Race Ramps – 14″ Xtenders For 67″ Ramps


Our Xtender Ramps are designed to work with our 67-inch Race Ramps to create a lowered angle of approach for low profile cars.

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They are a handy resource for garages and auto shops that work with multiple makes and models, or for the home enthusiast who might just need a slightly gentler incline to accommodate a new car, or a modded car with a lip or splitter. They can accommodate tires up to 30.48 cm / 12 inches and only weigh 4.53 kg / 10 pounds apiece. Once your car is parked at the top of your ramps, the extensions can be removed for additional work space – just remember to put them back before you drive down!

These ramp extensions are manufactured using an exclusive, patented process. They are constructed of 100% solid, high-density foam with a rugged anti-slip coating that results in a lightweight ramp solution that is strong, yet durable. Please note: These Xtender ramps are designed to be used with 170.18 cm / 67-inch Race Ramps only. If you need a low angle of approach and would prefer not to use an extension, our 182.88 cm / 72-inch Race Ramps have a 6.8-degree approach angle and are a nice alternative.


Please ensure that your ramp is damage-free before use. Never use two ramps on the same side of the vehicle. Use on a flat, level surface and ensure that the ramp makes full contact with the ground. Check that your steering wheel is straight and drive up at a slow, steady pace.






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Race Ramps – 14″ Xtenders For 67″ Ramps

Availability: In stock

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