Race Ramps – 10″ Lift Height Crib Cruisers

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In stock

In stock


 Set of 4
 12 lbs. per crib
 1,500 lbs. per crib
 Expanded Foam with Traction Coating

Great for service shops, restoring projects, custom builds, restyling and detail work, Crib Cruisers weigh in at only 12 pounds per crib so they’re easy to store, move and position. Each crib holds up to 1,500 pounds per wheel for a total vehicle weight capacity of 6,000 pounds, and they can support tires up to 12 inches wide and 25 to 30 inches in diameter.

The Crib Cruisers are manufactured using an exclusive, patented process. They are constructed of 100% solid, high-density foam with a rugged anti-slip coating that results in a lightweight ramp solution that is strong, yet durable. They won’t slide on any surface, including garage and workroom floors.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 55 × 40 × 165 cm


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